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As technology keeps growing, so does how we care for our health. Telehealth, or getting medical care and advice through digital means, is now a big part of our lives. With apps like MyChart, it’s easier than ever to keep track of our health, chat with doctors, and even see our test results from our phones.

MyChart App Features

We use apps to see our health records, chat with doctors, and care for our health. The MyChart app is like a mini-website on your phone that lets you:

  • Look at your health records and test results
  • Talk to your doctors
  • Make, see, or change doctor appointments
  • Ask for more medicine
  • Pay your doctor’s bills
  • Have video chats with doctors (if your doctor allows it)

How to Get the MyChart App on Your Phone

  1. Choose the right app: Different doctors might use different apps. Ask your doctor which app to download.
  2. Download: You can get the MyChart app from the App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android phones).
  3. Search: Look for the app in the store by typing its name. When you find it, click on it.
  4. Get the App: Click “Download” or “Get” to start getting the app.
  5. Install: After downloading, click “Install”. You’ll see the app on your phone screen when it’s done.

How to Use the MyChart App

When you open the MyChart app, pick your doctor’s name. Log in with your username and password. If you need extra steps for safety, the app will tell you.

You might need to sign up on the doctor’s website first if you’re new. When signing up for MyChart, you’ll need a unique code.

The app is easy to use on your phone. To make sure it works best, keep it updated. And, to be safe, set up a passcode, fingerprint, or face ID on your phone.

MyChart App – 3 Ways to Login Safely

  • Fingerprint Login: Use your finger to log in quickly. This is a fast way that only needs your unique fingerprint. It’s super safe because no one else has the same fingerprint as you!
  • Face Recognition: The app checks your face and knows it’s you. It scans your facial features so you don’t have to type. This method is hands-free and keeps your details secure.
  • Four-Digit Code: Use a short number code to log in fast yet safely. You pick a number that’s easy for you to remember. It’s a quick way to get into the app without typing a long password.

Use MyChart App with Your Apple Watch

  • Get reminders on your watch about doctor appointments, messages, and bills.
  • Look at your next doctor visit details on your watch.
  • Read messages from your doctor.
  • See your medicines and when to take them.

Special Features When You’re in the Hospital (MyChart Bedside)

  • Know what’s happening every day.
  • Learn about the doctors and nurses helping you.
  • Send questions or messages to your hospital team.
  • See your health numbers and test results.
  • Read what doctors say about your health.
  • Learn more about how to get better.

MyChart Care Buddy Helps You Follow Doctor’s Advice

These cool features help you understand and manage your health better. It’s like having a doctor in your pocket!

  • Follow plans made just for you.
  • Get reminders to take your medicine.
  • Learn more about your health.
  • Keep track of how you’re doing.
  • Talk to your doctor often.

Why You Should Get the MyChart App

The MyChart app has lots of tools to help you with your health. You can see your health info, chat with your doctor, and learn more. It’s like a health helper on your phone. Download the MyChart app and discover how it makes staying healthy more straightforward.

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